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How did dance represent justice?

Effects of Good Government in the City.p

Whilst music is often thought to embody harmony, dancing also encouraged a sense of allegiance and peace. In Effects of Good Government in the City (by Ambroggio Lorenzetti), dance is used as propaganda for the good work under the rule of the Nova government. It does not only show the enjoyment and celebration of a thriving community but was intended to be illustrative of the consequences of good and just governance. The fresco shows ten dancers (including one singing and playing a tambourine) who feature prominently as the largest figures in the central piazza. It is believed that the nine dancing represent the nine Muses, who are goddesses of harmony and society according to Pythagorean doctrine. However, others have suggested they could represent the nine politicians of the city, dancing to show their skills as good governors. Either way, in this work, dance is used in a celebration of peace and prosperity.

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